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BIO Plug (0.3, 0.4, 0.5mm)

1) Overview
– This product is used to treat dry eye syndrome.
After 180 days, it is completely dissolved in the human body.

– Medical Charge per Each unit : 24,630 Won.

2) Competing Products
(1) Silicon
– Plug Conventional silicone plugs stayed permanently after human body insertion, It is rarely used today due to various side effects such as adhesion.

(2) Biodegradable
– Plug Currently, the most commonly used Lachrymal Punctum Plugs in the world, so they are dissolved in the human Body. Therefore, The market are growing, because the side effects of the existing products is minimized and could be reinserted into the human body.
– Competing Products are 2 US Imported products and 2 Korean domestic products.
– The annual domestic market size is about 6 billion, and US products occupy more than 60% of the market.

BIO Intubation

1) Overview
– A stent tube used for patients, who be stopped lachrymal ducts up. It forms a stainless steel probe with a thin silicon tube.
Used for insert probe through interlobular ducts, which connected eyes and nose, and bind up. After 36 Months probe should remove.

– There are adult and pediatric use, remove 6 months for adults and 3 months for children.
– Medical Charge per Each unit : 97,440 Won.

2) Competing Products
– Currently, 100% imported products are being used, and multinational products (Becton Dickinson) occupy the domestic market.
– Adults and children have many side effects after surgery. Especially hard to remove intubations.
– The PDO Intubation does not need to be removed after surgery and does dissolve in the body.
It is an innovative product that can reduce the side effects and patient suffering.

– Bio Optics co., Ltd panned to release PDO and Silicon products.
– The annual lachrymal ducts market is about 10 billion won, and our company aims to have 30% market share in 2020.
– It is expected to increase sales by more than 20% every year due to the impossibility of replicating products of other companies because of utility model application.

BIO Color Tear Test

1) Overview
– A tear film strip that is essential for ophthalmologists and outpatients.
It measures the amount of tears and be inserted between the patient’s eyelids.

– US products were at first launched in Korea, and now not only US products but also other products such as domestic Chinese, Indian products are distributed in Korea.
– Selling Price : 35,000 Won.

2) Competing Products
– US product (Eagle Vision) occupies more than 30% and China.
India and other affordable products It is circulating.

– Chinese and Indian products are packed just one for package and there is no color to read the scale.
– US products are priced at 40,000 Won, and Chinese and Indian products are circulating at 20,000 Won.
– Domestic products are produced around in two places, but not in self production, but 100% outsourcing processing that’s why there is no cost competitiveness due to high cost portion.
– Our products are 100% self produced, which reduces the cost and improves the quality of the products.
– The market size is estimated to be about 1 billion won.

BIO PVA Eye Spear

1) Overview
– This product is used for ophthalmic cataract surgery or eye correction surgery(Such as LASIK or LASEK).
It is used to absorb hemorrhage and skin tissue during surgery.

– US, China, Taiwan, and India products are distributed, and market share differs according to price and quality.
– Domestic products have not yet launched, and 1-2 companies are expected to launch in the future.
– The market share is not expected to be high due to high cost ratio, and it is our marketing product.
– The annual market size is estimated to be around 2 billion won.

BIO Micro Filter

1) Overview
– This product is used for ophthalmic cataract surgery or eye correction surgery(Such as LASIK or LASEK).
It is used to remove impurities in the fluid, which used during surgery.

– At present, only about 10% of the hospitals and clinics in Korea used. We aim at a future oriented product.
– US products are being sold exclusively and competing with our company starting in 2015.
– Our company produces also 100% outsourced and has not reached the stage of self produce yet.

BIO Ophthalmic Knife

1) Overview
– It is an essential product for various ophthalmic surgeries.
US products occupy 70% market.

– Chinese and Indian products have also been released, but they are being distributed in small quantities in the market due to quality deterioration.
– Our products has the same way as US products, the stainless steel heat treatment and have the technology, which not to different between ours and US.
That’s why we have an advantage over US products in quality and price competition.

– Private clinics have a small  amounts profit because of reusing, but sales are expected to increase due to sales at the university hospital.
– The annual market is about 8 billion market and it is on an increasing trend every year.

EYE Clean Lid Cleaner & EYE CLEANDEX

– First Tea tree oil included the product in Korea.
It is an excellent effect for the treatment of dry eye syndrome caused by various eye diseases including meibomianitis and eye diseases.
Also it helps to erase Demodex mites.

– Manufactured 4 companies of Korea and our product newly launched.
We expect that with high quality and best technologies, soon we get higher market quota.

– The whole sales the Eyecleaner reaches 100,000 USD in 2018.
It is very inspired result and there is steady demands in south KOREA because of micro dust.

– The first Tea tree oil extract product in South Korea.
– Excellent effect to relieve the dry eye syndrome
– Unique formulation for eliminating Demodex mites by tea tree oil extract
– It contains no Alcohol, Sulfates, Fragrance, Preservative Material, and no Paraben.
– There is no need to rinse or remove after use, for the comfort for the customers, Hello, Eyes eyelids cleaner made of 100% cotton patch ○ Never irritate delicate eyelids and eyelashes.